Seriously un-serious work

One-Off Wonders

Not every project is a campaign, a branding, or a piece of a larger puzzle. Sometimes, I just get to do an invitation, or a t-shirt, or any number of one-offs, which I love just as much as larger scope projects thanks to the freedom and unique considerations for the smaller projects.

The luau party invite was for an older couple who throws an annual luau which has become the stuff of legend with their friends and family. Always adult in nature thanks to the booze and humor, they let me have free reign on the invitation copy and artwork, and were absolutely thrilled with the result. Their family and friends still laugh at this invitation, and I couldn't be happier to have given them that memory. 

The Fat Kids Running Club is a group of self-professed junk food addicts with a running problem. Each person ran to work off their favorite guilty pleasure, a characteristic I then turned into a caricature for each member of the group. Complete with a bacon run track and donut sprinkles for their acronym, the shirt left me satisfied in a way no donut could (though I've certainly eaten plenty enough in attempt!).

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