Experience is Everything


What attracts me to design is problem-solving, and I'm lucky to have experience in both the visual and developmental sides to tap into for tools. UX is a beautiful blend of empathy, know-how, and trial-and-error that culminates in some of my favorite victories, hard-fought and won with those tools. 

SBP had a not-too-unique problem: a site full of content that called for primary and secondary menus to be accessible on mobile devices. While I typically push for responsive content (do you really need to access EVERYTHING from a mobile device?), that wasn't an option in this project. Putting the menu at the top right corner like every other site didn't feel right either; many of the mobile users would (in theory) be in the midst of their inundated property, searching frantically for renovation services, meaning their search would most likely be one-handed and harried. As a result, I placed the menu in the bottom of the screen, easily accessible with thumbs and one-handed, giving the user simultaneous access to both the main pages as well as the secondary information.

UX doesn't always mean reinventing the wheel. With Louisiana Seafood Board, I needed a way to allow a user to multi-select on a mobile device. Traditional checkboxes were the right functionality—multi select and supported on mobile devices—but super small and not easy for a user to interact with. Enter what I dubbed "touchboxes;" by utilizing creative CSS styling, I turned the checkboxes into larger touchpoints for users to tap, and made the experience more visually attractive by removing the check entirely and using color states for select confirmation.

SilverCove Insurance has a growing product lineup and an audience of 60+. To avoid have multiple pages of minimal content and to showcase the breadth of offerings, I placed the products on one page and made their information singularly accessible with contact points for each to encourage users to contact the company if interested.

Role | Developer