I've been blessed for over a decade with an adventurous career: thanks to the accidental purchase of an HTML book at 10 years old, my pursuit of balancing directing, design, and development has been mostly without a map and always rooted in the constant need to learn and solve problems.

The skills I have earned in this adventure, therefore, go beyond a standard generalist. I have deep experience in branding and advertising; researched, designed, and developed my fair share of UX projects; and lead teams in both graphic and UX design. You can find more details on each role at my LinkedIn profile.

I'm available for contract work and would love to learn about you, your company, and what your needs are. Reach out, and let's build something great together.


I began my foray into leadership in 2014 as an Art Director. Since then, I have filled a number of leadership roles—Director of Digital, UIX Team Lead, and Manager of UIX—to not only build teams and departments, but also serve as a pitch-hitter when the team needed a senior set of hands. I have been honored twice as a finalist for the Ada Lovelace awards and continue to participate in workshops and seek out additional leadership learning experiences.

Currently, I am the director of a UIX department and spend my days mentoring the team, architecting our design system and platform UX vision, and serving as the bridge between our engineering team and the UX designers.


I started my freelance practice in 2008 and began as an intern in an advertising company 2 years later. Since then, I have grown through the ranks as a fledgling graphic designer to senior designer, earned some Addys and industry awards, and though I have moved into leadership roles in my full-time professional life, I still maintain my freelance design practice to keep myself engaged with my creative side.

I have been honored to design logos, brand packaging, marketing campaigns (both print and digital), brochures, websites, apps, SaaS platforms, design systems—the list goes on. If you've got a design need and you'd like to discuss how we can tackle it together, I'd love to hear about it.


At the risk of dating myself, I started honing my design and development skills back when the title was "website designer" and "website developer." As the industry evolved from "interactive developer" to "frontend developer" and "website designer" to "UX designer," I evolved with it.

While in my full-time professional life I focus on leadership and design, I depend on my foray in development to help bring products to life with the engineering teams and in my freelance practice, through my own hands on keyboard work.