• Category | Brand
  • Role | Art Director, Designer
  • Responsibilities | Visual Direction, System Design
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Making wellness less clinical

Wellness seems to be the new buzzword in the health realm; hospitals have tried to join the trend by opening wellness centers on their campuses, but the results are cold, anti-septic, and many times, ugly.

Beon is a soon-to-be-campus that will incubate companies that encourage wellness in everyday life. It strives to partner with health centers to encourage them to send their patients (after all, preventative care helps lower the possibility of prolonged, unnecessary hospital stays!), and maintain a healthy cycle of being.

The symbiotic relationship of health and happiness is where I found inspiration for the logo. Clean and structured, the logo would easily hold its own among the most popular "health" brands while maintaining openness and friendliness.

Project Images

Beon Logo Rgb Beon Business Card Mockup Beon Letterhead Mockup