CDM Ventures

  • Category | UIX, Brand
  • Role | Designer, Developer
  • Responsibilities | Visual Design, Wireframing, Mockups, Prototyping, Code Production, Composition
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End-to-end women-powered

As much as I love a from-scratch brand, building on existing brands offers unique challenges that I love to tackle.

CDM Ventures had a logo when they contacted me, and they needed to build the logo into a brand that could support their unique positioning as a women-led logistics consultancy in a male-dominated industry. By avoiding overly feminine colors and tapping into the competitive advantages of communication, partnership, and collaboration, CDM Ventures evolved from a logo with a vision to a venture with a purpose.

The brand found its rhythm in a large-format brochure as well as a clean, elegant website, and with solid brand standards and a style guide, CDM Ventures is set to become the premier partner in logistics consulting.

Project Images

Cdm Styleguide Cdm Mobile 1 Cdm Mobile 2 Cdm Desktop Cdm Desktop 2 Cdm Brochure 1 Cdm Brochure 3 Cdm Brochure 2