Cindy Ory Dance Studio

  • Category | UIX
  • Role | Designer, Developer
  • Responsibilities | Visual Design, Wireframing, Mockups, Prototyping, System Design
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Double-time development

I love a redo, or as I like to think of it, a retrospective of how much I’ve learned. I did the original Cindy Ory Dance Studio over 10 years ago—yes, over a decade ago!—back in the dark ages of non-responsive design and fixed-width-everything.

The site was working until suddenly it wasn’t. A PHP upgrade was the final nail in the coffin, and since we had to update the CMS guts anyway, I proposed a weekend sprint of parallel design/development to get the site live and into modernity as fast as 5-6-7-8.

Since the studio has evolved to posting their news via social media, I streamlined the content. This allowed the site to be more focused on potential new students, as well as being a hub for existing students looking to log into their tuition accounts. The polished site performs flawlessly and hit its mark despite the quick turnaround, raising the barré for redos in my future.

Project Images

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