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Domestic violence doesn't take maternity leave

It is a horrifying fact that a woman's chance for abuse increases when she becomes pregnant. If she is already in an abusive relationship, her partner may view her pregnancy as a betrayal, a personal affront that takes attention away from the abusive partner.

PSA posters can be frightening, missing the mark in regards to message, using stereotypical imagery, and being more off-putting than helpful. I wanted these posters, hung in the maternity ward, to harken to the most powerful instinct a woman can have: protecting her child. Additionally, business cards were created to promote the resource line, deliberately evasive in their true connection in case the abusive partner found the card.

Design is a powerful tool, and it is projects like this, projects that make a difference in someone's life, that give me the drive to continue doing what I do.

Project Images

Emi Mockup Cards Mockup