Gulf Coast Periodontics & Implants

  • Category | Brand, UIX
  • Role | Designer, Developer
  • Responsibilities | Visual Design, System Design, Mockups, Prototyping, Code Production
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Drillin' to the root of the brand

Gulf Coast Periodontics and Implants is an expansion of another practice, but they didn’t feel like the logo would capture the regional spirit of their new location. Added with the fact that the thought of going to a dentist—let alone a periodontist!—can be about as pleasant as walking on hot coals, and I had a case study in branding a company in an industry where design is about as frequent as actualized flossing.

Happy, beachy colors formed the palette for a relaxing foundation, and a dependable, solid logo communicated the practice’s specialty in a straightforward, simple way without the worrisome process details. That same ethos was applied to the office collateral and the user experience of the website, resulting in an overall look and feel that is clean and bright, like a winning smile.

Project Images

Gcpi Homepage Mobile Gcpi Homepage Mobile 2 Gcpi Brandstandards Gcpi Takehomes Gcpi Styleguide Gcpi Referralpad Gcpi Homepage Gcpi Collateral Gcpi Logo