Omorphia Collaborative

  • Category | Brand
  • Role | Designer
  • Responsibilities | Visual Direction, System Design, Mockups, Prototyping, Code Production
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Setting up strong roots

The Omorphia Collaborative is a burgeoning beauty company specializing in extensions and their expert application. The initial brief was for a rich, flowing feel, to emphasize the luxuriousness of the products.

As one can imagine, flowing, individual hairs are a challenge when designing a logo with the goal of being able to exist as successfully as an app icon as it does on a salon smock. After a few attempts, a logo system emerged, allowing the brand to be as unique as the extensions it sells while being the consistent, trustworthy source for education as well as products.

With the system in place and standards formed, the next adventure was designing a members-only e-commerce user experience. I wanted to ensure that applying was as simple as possible to encourage busy professionals to join, and once signed in, the customer can purchase their products seamlessly with ample filters to get the exact product they’re looking for.

The final product sets the foundation for the future success of Omorphia Collaborative by extending the original vision while staying true to its roots.

Project Images

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