St. Charles Vision

  • Category | Ads
  • Role | Art Director, Designer
  • Responsibilities | Visual Direction, Composition
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The accessory one can't be seen without

Most people overlook the fact that glasses are just as important a fashion statement as shoes or jewelry—they're a quintessential design example with their melding form and function. We focus on our shoes, our jewelry, coats, scarves, etcetera, and yet we ignore the glasses that sit front and center to the world. This campaign challenged viewers to change that thinking.

For the art direction, I took actual frames carried by St. Charles Vision and visually posited them as the necessary accessories they should be. Whether you need frames to match your wardrobe (work or weekend), your situation (desk or dinner), or just enjoying the time off (Month of Saturdays), the campaign echoed the sentiment that glasses are the ultimate fashion accessory and won a National silver Addy.

Project Images

Scv Hangers 2 Scv Hangers 3 Scv932 Concept Hangers Dd Final 2 2015 07 07 Low Res