Thomas Pump

  • Category | Brand, Ads
  • Role | Designer
  • Responsibilities | Visual Direction, Composition
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Pumped up brand

It's easy to let your brand age when your company is busy becoming the best at what it does. Thomas Pump is a great example of that: they not only distribute premium pump brands, they also have proprietary technology that makes their brand pumps the best manufactured around.

While Thomas Pump didn't want to deviate too far from their original logo, cleaning up the line work was a must as well as modernizing their materials from the business card all the way through to their brochures, e-signatures and letterhead. The result was a brand refresh that respected the past while acknowledging the company's evolution into a tech forward juggernaut.

Project Images

Thomas Pump Logo Thomas Pump Stationary Thomas Pump Brochure Full Thomas Pump Hot Sauce Thomaspump Ad